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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 

Teacher: Mrs Armstrong

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Lee and Mrs Grice

Summer 2


We will read The Moon Dial by Helen Creswell. Our targets this term are:

  • Use complex and compound sentences in writing
  • To consolidate the uses of parenthesis
  • To write concise factual sentences
  • To write a time travel story based on Moon Dial
  • To make comparisons across a range of books




We will continue to apply mathematical skills to real problems

Our targets this term are:

  • Add and subtract whole and decimal number mentally
  • To solve multi step problems involving money
  • To use percentages decimals and fraction
  • To solve problems involving percentages
  • To reflect 2D shapes using coordinates
  • To convert ml to litre using line graphs



Our Geography topic centres on the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. We will look at its importance to the world and the issues surrounding its conservation.



Science centres on the lifecycles of plants and animals, including photosynthesis and respiration, and how these living organisms are adapted to their environment.



Children will use the Sketch up programme to design 3D structures and room plans




PE: Wednesday and Thursday- Children must have their kit in school every day. The class regularly run before lunch most days and so need their trainers in school at all times. Children must be able to remove or tape their own earrings and be responsible for them.


Homework: given out on Fridays to be completed by Monday-Wednesday


Guided reading: Monday & Tuesday

Children must bring their reading book to school each day.


Please can you also make sure children have the correct equipment for school:

a blue pen (not biro), pencil, ruler and eraser.