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The Big Question

Our Big Question this half term has been 'How can I find out about thngs? Part of this has been using our senses.

Cooking is an excellent way to draw out vocabulary from your child and teach them to use their senses.

Below is a link to a fantastic CBEEBIES programme that has 3 series to choose from. It shows you and your child how to make different foods from all around the world. 

This links into the geography work we have been working on this half term. Watch an episode together, decide which recipe you'd like to have a go at and send me the photos. We can then make our own Reception world map of recipes.

The link below takes you to one specific recipe, but below that there is the option for 'all episodes.' Scroll through and decide together.


Go to 'Purple Mash' and complete a 2do. There are various options. Don't forget to press save at the end as I am collating children's work.