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It's World Book Day!

Let joy be unconfined! I love books. Absolutely love them. I read EVERY day before I go to sleep and have done ever since I was three years old.

It is a really good habit to get in to, like brushing your teeth before bed.

Even in lockdown, books can take you anywhere in your imagination. 

At the moment, my favourite books are the 'Oi Frog' 'Oi Dog and 'Oi Cat' series by Kes and Claire Gray and illustrated by Jim Field. They were recommended to me by Emily's mum. It is a good idea to tell your friends about books you've enjoyed so they can read them too.


We are dressing up as a word today to improve our vocabularies. I know you all have brilliant vocabularies already but they can always be improved. I learn new words every week. It helps with your writing when you get into KS1 and KS2.








Tricky words spelling test

Tricky words recap

Spelling test of tricky words

  • the
  • he
  • she
  • we
  • me
  • be
  • was
  • you



Can you complete the pattern?

Cut and stick activity.