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Hello everyone, Thank you for attending the daily Zoom sessionssmileyI would like to create the class' top five nursery rhymes. Please email your child's favourite nursery rhyme today or tomorrow, thank you. I will try to give a 'shout out' to the children who do this.

Recap: Rhyming words from 'Oi, Frog!'

Phonics: We continue to listen to everyday sounds. During Zoom, we will be playing 'Noisy Neighbour' which is a story with noises to identify. To complement this activity, complete two 'Listening Moments' during the day, one inside and one outside. This involves being a sound detective! Do 'good listening' and name the sounds heard indoors and outdoors. Your child may find it helpful to close their eyes during this activity. Later, when the house is quiet at bedtime, what sounds can your child suggest for our 'Noisy Neighbour' story'? Feel free to email me their ideas.

Maths: We will be rote counting (saying numbers aloud). We continue to think about Ticklish Two (see Wednesday's attachment), recognising the numeral 2, writing it and counting items. Following the Zoom session, go on a number hunt to find the numeral 2, for example, car registration plates, mobile phones and tv remotes.

Learn the song, 'Two Little Eyes', please see link on separate document below.

Other Learning: Support your child to make a den-great for problem solving skills! When built, your child may enjoy the sense of security it promotes. Of course, it is ideal to read in! I would love to see photos of your child reading, playing or having a few calm moments in their den. Den ideas attached below. See my den in the video below- who joins me in there?


Mrs. Parsons’ den

Still image for this video