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week beginning 25.1.21

Hello Year1's and parents and carers,

It has been another cold, snowy weekend. I hope that you have all managed to get out and enjoy it. I have seen lots of snowpeople on my dog walks. One snowwoman was nearly as big as me. Obvously, we can't all do show and tell at the start of each lesson, but we can do it for a few minutes. So think about something. It helps for your friends to hear some different news. 


this week we are reading one of my favourite Year 1 texts. It is a very beautiful book called The Great Kapok Tree. It is set in a rainforest and it has beautiful illustrations of the animals. So, on Monday you will be sorting aw words into trash and treasure. There is a frame for sorting but you could very easily do this straight into your red books. On Tuesday you will be working on sentences. You will need to put the sentences into the right order so they make sense and then you will need to add the correct punctuation. On Wednesday you will be doing a matching activity where you match the animal to the thing it says in the text and then you can colour the animals as they are in the text.

On Thursday you will be writing about an amazing discovery. Imagine you are an explorer and you find an animal or plant which has not been discovered yet. It does happen all the time. You can write about it and then if you have time you could draw it and colour it. I have put 2 different activities for Friday, so you can choose which you would rather do. You can either write a description of the rainforest and I have put a word bank for this or you can choose some of the animals in the text. you can draw it and then do some of your own research and write some facts about them.


Monday - you will be completing the mid year revision Section A. pages 175-178

Tuesday - you will be completing some of Section B pages 179-184. The reason I would like                           you to stop here instead of finishing all of Section B is because Section B is                                      quite long and then Section C is just 3 pages. 

Wednesday  we will be completing the rest of the revision pages pages 185-190

Thursday    we will be starting Book IB. This starts off with numbers to 40. You will                                              complete Worksheet 1 pages 1-4

Friday       -   Today will be writing numbers to 40. You will complete worksheet 2 pages 5-6.

                   I will put an extension activity for each day in the maths extension folder if you wish 

                   your child to do extra.

ICT          - You will be completing Challenges 3 and 4 on 2Go on Purple Mash

Art           - you will be using the paints that you have been printing with to make shades of colour.                    You will then draw a toucan or you can choose to do a different animal from the                                 rainforest if you wish. I chose a toucan because it's not too hard to draw. You can                             use the shades of colour to paint different leaves in the background.

Music      you will be going on Purple Mash and creating a sequence of musical sounds to explore 

                harmony. This is set as a 2Do.

Science   - you will be testing different materials to see which make the best light blockers.

                  If you don't have tissue paper you could just use something else around the house.

                  You will need a torch.

R.E          We will be continuing to learn about Islam. We will be learning about the Qu'ran and 

                we will be trying out a bit of Arabic writing.