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Year 1

                 Hello Year1

Spring Second half

Teacher: Mrs Al-Hassani

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Khan  

In English our focus will be through the Book Week text – a non-fiction text called Bugs. Sentence work is ongoing in Year 1, but we will also be trying to use exclamation and question marks. We will also be trying to write longer sentences using conjunctions. For handwriting we will be starting the first simple joins.


In Maths we will be working with numbers to 40. We will be learning to read and write numbers and compare numbers to 40. We will be using bar models and developing strategies for addition and subtraction of numbers to 40. This will include number patterns and word problems.


In History we will be learning about people who are significant from history – Emmeline Pankhurst, Tim Berners-Lee and William Caxton


In Science we will be learning  about the seasons 

 the seasons: the children will be looking for signs of the arrival of spring. They will be learning about how the weather changes and the days begin to lengthen. Then we will be learning about forces: finding out about, and describing the movement of, familiar things (e.g. cars going faster, slowing down, changing direction)  pushes and pulls as examples of forces and recognising that when things speed up, slow down or change direction, there is a cause (e.g. a push or a pull).



In Computing the children will be using a program to create an e-book. They will be adding movements and sounds to their stories.


In Art the children will be using textiles and other materials for weaving. They will be then using textiles for creating a collage.


Music will be The long and Short of it; exploring the duration of vocal and instrumental sounds.


RE will be about what Muslims believe and then they will learn about the Easter Story.