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Year 1

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Autumn second half term

Teacher: Mrs Al-Hassani

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Khan  

In English our focus will be Fairytales and non-fiction texts on animals; segmenting multisyllabic words for reading and writing; understanding and using sentences with full stops and capital letters; capitalisation for names and the I pronoun; knowing what nouns are and about adding adjectives to add detail.


In Maths we will be focusing on addition and subtraction within 20. We will be covering addition and subtraction as crossing out, by using number bonds and by counting back. We will then use this work to make subtraction stories and to solve picture problems. We will revise the addition work completed so far and then we will be learning about position and direction. There will be further work on counting, comparing and ordering but now numbers to 20.


We are learning about  the U.K  in geography – where we are in relation to the world; the countries that make up the U.K; some of the main cities; using maps and atlases; some of the key features of a city and what the weather is like in the U.K..


The children will also be exploring different types of animals and they will be sorting them into different groups. They will be learning about keeping animals as pets and about what animals eat.


In Computing we will be grouping and sorting and we will  be making pictograms. We will also be learning about online safety.


In Design and Technology we will be making moving pictures: levers and sliders; using simple tools safely and effectively; designing and evaluating work and topic related art.


Music will be Sounds interesting: identify way sounds can be made and changed and Christmas songs.


RE will be about what Christians believe and how they worship, Christian stories. Christmas and the Christmas story.