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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 

Teacher: Mrs Armstrong

TA: Mrs Grice

Summer 2

In English, we will read The Moon Dial by Helen Creswell and base some of our writing around the characters in the book. Our targets this term are:

  • Use complex and compound sentences in writing
  • To consolidate the uses of parenthesis
  • To write concise factual sentences
  • To write a time travel story based on Moon Dial
  • To write a character description of Miss Raven
  • To spell words from the Y5/6 spelling list


Maths: we will continue to apply mathematical skills to real problems

Our targets this term are:

  • To use long division
  • To solve multi step problems involving money (revision)
  • To revise all four operations
  • To identify and investigate polygons (regular/irregular)
  • To investigate nets of a variety of 3D shapes
  • To use coordinates in the first quadrant


PSHRE & Sex Ed: children will look at how change (environmental, physical & emotional) can throw up a variety of emotions including shock, fear and denial. Children will be shown how change can be a good thing and to understand that people often react to situations in different ways. They will label male and female body parts and learn about how and why their bodies change during puberty. 


Science: the life cycle of plants and animals, including photosynthesis and respiration, and how these living organisms are adapted to their environment. We will look closely at plants and learn about sexual and asexual reproduction in plants.


Geography: the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and how it affects our world’s eco-system. We will look at its importance to the world and the issues surrounding its conservation. In particular, we will learn about how some farmers have learnt to live sustainably without threatening the forest’s existence.


History: the Vikings and look at how they colonised the country. We will learn about the raid on Lindisfarne and interpret sources written from the chronicles of Anglo Saxon Monks. We will look at how the Vikings travelled across the world and the efficiency of their longboats.


Computing: using concept maps, they will work individually and collaboratively. In word processing, they will add tables into documents and add text boxes and shapes.


RE will focus on Judaism and some of its basic principles and customs.  


PE: Monday and Wednesday

Homework: given out on Fridays to be completed by Monday-Wednesday

Guided reading: Monday

Please can you also make sure children have the correct equipment for school:

a blue handwriting pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and glue stick.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.