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Pupil Leadership

Pupil Leadership at Well Green Primary

We have a range of important roles across school for children.  These roles require the children to show responsibility, leadership and commitment to the position.  The children undertake the responsibilities for their role in conjunction with a member of staff.  They often receive training for the position and wear a badge for easy identification.

At Well Green, the children are encouraged to get actively involved in all aspects of school life and make a significant contribution to the culture and ethos.  Our pupils with leadership responsibilities are usually democratically elected or they apply for the position by submitting a letter to the member of staff.

The children are always excellent representatives for Well Green and ‘go the extra mile’ to make our school such a thriving community where children are valued as they confidently grow and develop.

Pupil Leadership Posts of Responsibility 2021 -2022


Role in School

Name of Pupil(s)



All Year 6

Head Boy


Head Girl


Deputy Head Boy


Deputy Head Girl



















School Council Members

Bob & Abdullah (Year 3)

Awais & Ella (Year 4)

Helena & Annabel (Year 5)

Lola & Poppy (Year 6)

IT Ambassadors

Lucy – Year 5
Arla – Year 5
Amelia – Year 5
Hajar – Year 5



Playground Leaders


Sports Leaders

Nia – Year 6
Sophie – Year 6
Lauren – Year 6
Briony – Year 6
Isla – Year 6
Theron – Year 6
Rachel – Year 6

Well Green School Council 


Well Green School Council exists to give our pupils a voice in school. It is their aim to support all our pupils, ensure that their ideas are listened to and to make sure that they feel happy and safe in school. It consists of two pupils from each of the Key Stage Two classes. These children are elected through class votes at the start of each academic year. Throughout the year they organise fund raising events for charity, more details of these can be found below. The School Council have a 'suggestion box' on the corridor which the children can put messages in. These will be looked at by the School Council and discussed at the next meeting to decide what action will be taken, if appropriate, in response to any suggestions made. These have included things such as packed lunch and school dinner children being able to sit together in the dining hall, purchasing new playtime equipment and setting up 'buddies' to help children feel more comfortable in the playground.

The School Council are currently undertaking a reserach project to help improve the school meals further. They have already purchased some new playground equipment for each class to use at playtimes.