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Red Nose Day March 2021

For Red Nose Day this year, our school theme was Superheroes and Super Talents! All children and staff celebrated by dressing up as fictional or real life superheroes. There were many children and families who had a connection to a Lockdown hero who they dressed up as, so we saw some real-life Superheroes! We also celebrated the children's own super talents, so we saw some costumes which showed everyone what their own special talent was. 


Red Nose Day raises money for Comic Relief which funds projects that make a difference to the lives of millions of people across the UK and around the world. They focus on four key areas; improving mental health, making sure people have a safe place to live, helping children to survive and thrive and helping people to live free from violence, fear and discrimination. We asked for donations and sold Red Noses and the money we raised will of course be sent to the Comic Relief Charity.


Click below to see some of our SUPER superhero costumes.