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Plan and write a poem about a planet of your choice in the format of the examples above. You may type or write your poem. Then I would like you to illustrate it (on the computer or by hand) and then send it to me. Present your work neatly and attractively and use the adjectives and planetary facts to help you. You can do more than one planet if you wish. 

I will make this a competition and announce the winners when we get back to school. You must submit your poem (send it to me) by Friday!!


Go to Purple Mash and find the 2DO called 2CALCULATE.

We are going to look at a type of computer program called a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are used for organising information. For example, if you were planning a tea party you could input to the spreadsheet all the things you will need to get for the party and who you were going to invite. Can they think of any other things that could be stored in a spreadsheet for organising a party?  Many people make lists on paper but the advantage of using a spreadsheet is that it can also do calculations for you. E.g. you could enter the cost of the different things that you will need for your party into the spreadsheet and then easily calculate how much money you will need to buy them all. The aim today is to open a spreadsheet program in Purple Mash called 2Calculate and to learn how to enter information and do some simple calculations.