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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 laugh

Your teacher is Miss Shaw. Mrs Cookson, Mrs Emery and Mrs Grice will be supporting us at different times throughout the week. Mrs Oldham will be teaching you on Friday mornings.


Summer 2  


In English, we will be reading ‘The Wind in the Willows’ as our class book and produce various pieces of writing based on this. We will practise improving and extending sentences. We will learn how to punctuate speech correctly.


In Maths, we will be interpreting and representing data in different forms. We will be learning about angles and different lines. We will learn how to find the perimeter of simple shapes. We will also complete some revision of work throughout the year.


This half term in Science, we will be learning about light and shadows. We will find out about light sources, look at how shadows are created and how the shape and size of shadows change. We will also learn about reflectve surfaces and sun safety.


In our History topic, we will build on what we have learnt about the Stone Age and Bronze Age to find out about life in the Iron Age. We will think about how life changed when they began using iron, ironage hillforts and Celtic warriors. We will be visiting the Blackden Trust as part of this topic.


We will conduct a study of our local area. We will be drawing maps of our local area using symbols and a key. We will plan routes between places using maps. We will find out about land use in our local area and explore changes that have taken place within recent years.


In computing we will be creating branching databases.


In DT we will be making savoury scones.


In R.E. our key question this half term is ‘What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?’ We will learn about how Hindus show their beliefs and faith both in the home and at the temple. We will learn about Hindu gods and goddesses.


Please can you also ensure your child has the correct equipment required for school: a pencil, ruler, rubber and a blue fibre-tipped pen. It is also useful to have some pencil crayons and a glue stick. The children also require a water bottle each day in school.


PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, but this can change depending on the weather so please ensure that your child has their full kit in school everyday.  If your child has their ears pierced, they must be able to remove their earrings themselves for PE lessons (or leave them at home on these days). 


This term we will be continuing to learn to play the ukulele so the children will need to bring their instrument into school each Monday in readiness for the lesson on Tuesday.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss things further.  

Thank you for your ongoing support

Miss Shaw