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PSHE lesson task:


Our new topic is 'Going for Goals'. We will discuss what it means to challenge and push ourselves to achieve things. We will talk about having a growth mindset and how we can help ourselves to overcome barriers to learning.


Your task today is to set yourself three goals for this term and write them in your purple topic book. Maybe you want to stay fit during lockdown (or get fitter...)? Maybe you want to improve your times tables? Maybe you want to become more independent and better at organising your own work? Maybe you want to help more around the house? Make sure at least one of your goals is to do with your school work. 


Underneath each goal, write down some ideas for how you can achieve these goals. What steps do you need to take to get the results you want? What does your mindset need to be like?


We will talk about our goals on Friday :-) 


L.O. To set goals and think about how to achieve them