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Ideas for 'phonic fun' at home



In school the children have been working within Phase 3. We are moving on to working within Phase 4 phonics as part of home learning and then when the children return to school. In Phase 4 phonics, children will:

  • blend to read and segment to spell CVCC and CCVC words (for example bump, nest, crab, grip)
  • read and spell high frequency words
  • practise reading and writing sentences 
  • learn to read more tricky words, including 'have', 'like', 'some', 'little'. 


It is useful to continue to revise sounds from Phase 3 as your child will continue to use these sounds within their reading and writing. 


You can have lots of fun playing phonic games with your child. Below are some games you could play at home:

  • Bingo - reading and spelling words on a bingo board.  Your child could read or spell different words and win bingo if they can read or spell words correctly.
  • Word hunt - finding words and keywords hidden around your home.
  • Matching pairs - finding and reading matching words. Word cards could be hidden for your child to find.  
  • Silly voices - say sounds in a high, low, happy or grumpy voice.
  • 'Skip to it!' - run, jump, hop or skip to a certain word. 
  • 'Fishing for phonics' - 'fish' for words written on ping pong balls. The balls could be in the bath or hidden in the house. Your child could use a net to try and catch the balls.
  • Sing an alphabet song -  have lots of fun learning an alphabet song. Then point to a letter and ask your child to tell you its letter name and sound. 

tricky words to read

Words to be able to spell






This fabulous teaching website, which has video clips linked to Phase 3 and Phase 4 sounds. It would be great if your child could watch some of these clips. It will really support their phonic learning.......

Phonic website