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27th - 1st May

Hello Year 5,

Thank you for all your emails and messages. I've been impressed with the work you've been doing at home and also finding out what you've been doing with your time.

This week, I've sent you English and Maths as usual, as well as Science and Geography. 

The letter below has the instructions on how to go about doing the work. Look at this carefully before you start!!

I've been trying to stay fit. Now that the gym is closed, I've been going for a run every other day and walking in between. The weather has been glorious, which is a bonus, and all blossoms are in full bloom now that we are well into Spring. My eldest son has been doing the food shopping so I haven't had to queue up in Tesco. Unfortunately, he doesn't stick to the lists I've been giving him and buys things I haven't asked for, like lots of chocolate!!!!

I have my fingers crossed for schools to reopen as soon as it's safe to do so as I'd like Year 5 to get back together before the end of the summer term. We'll just have to wait and see what happens with the virus situation. The main thing is that you stay safe and healthy.

Remember to check the BBC Bitesize Home learning pages as there are lots of things to do. And of course TT Rock Stars and MyMaths. Remember Nathalie's french revision lessons too.

So take care of yourselves and keep in touch:  

By for now

Mrs Armstrongwink


Read this before you do your work!!!!!