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Zayaan has been extremely busy. Have a look at what he's been up to:

working studiously
excellent balance and core strength
Finding a flower for Mum
Creative And cute!
Oreo cheesecake.
Preparing a healthy snack
What a beautiful chameleon.

Sophia the historian

Still image for this video

Mr Johnson's mental health awareness challenge

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Mr Johnson (who is Superman's grandad- little known fact), has accepted a challenge. Will he complete it? Watch to find out.
Ishaq's amazing drawings of horses
Ishaq learning Kanji
Thomas' spa day OR is he an alien now?
Thomas, sister and a mystery friend
Thomas making crumble.

Jasmine the Chemist

V.E Day

Fatimah looking for key V.E Day words
Fatimah's final piece on V.E Day
Codebreaking for V.E Day
V.E Day comprehension by Fatimah
Ella has been learning how to draw anime
V.E day
self editing skills
'aged' paper using tea
Ella drew this beautiful anime for me🤓

Back garden olympics

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Jeo designed and made this belt.
Jeo and Joban's rabbit has had babies.
Joban's genius storage invention
Joban, Jeo and horse
Holly had a great idea of using natural materials in her garden. She designed and made hair accessories. She then set up her own boutique (keeping to social distancing). A future career in design and entrepreneurialism clearly awaits you Holly! Another artist who used plants and flowers to inspire her was Lucienne Day.

Noah the physicist (S.T.E.M)

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Holly and her guinea pigs

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Amazing line drawing from Thomas
Grooming parlour
absorbing books
excellent use of apostrophes
Ella's scary story
Aden the geographer
Aden being active
Aden being creative
A truly beautiful piece of work
printing using natural materials
learning collaboratively
Interior design
That looks fabulous!
Maha and her beautiful baby brother
Maha being creative
Maha thouroughly enjoying maths
Maha weaving with laces
making 'aged' paper using tea

Making a rainbow

Outfit I am wearing today