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Holiday Work

Dear Year 5,

I'm so glad that so many of you are coming in next Thursday. You'll have a chance to see some of your friends and hopefully, if the weather is fine, we'll be able to go out onto the field too. I've been so impressed with how hard you have worked over the last few months and have appreciated all the work you have sent in. Even in the last few days, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your time travel stories and have been incredibly impressed with the standard of the writing, not to mention your incredible imaginations. Please remember to bring in any books that you have at home, particularly your guided reading one. 

Next Thursday will be the last time you will be in this class and I feel very sad about this. Our time in Year 5 was cut short but I'm sure that the excitement of going into Year 6, with everything that goes with it, is something to look forward to. There's still a head and deputy boy and girl to be elected as well as librarians, the end of year production and hopefully Robinwood. Sometimes life doesn't happen quite in the way we expected, but the main thing is, we learn to stay positive and try our best to get through it. And you have all tried your best to do this, so well done!

I've set some holiday Maths and English booklets for you to do over the summer. There is also a writing activity about a pearl dive, the last science task  to complete and a list of all the spellings you should know for Year 6. I have also posted quite a few MyMaths tasks for you to do over the next few weeks and I'll know if you've done them and what your scores are!! So try to take the time, at some point, to do them.

Have a good week Year 5 and I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Take care till then

Best wishes

Mrs Armstrongwink  

English writing task on the Pearl Diver