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PHONICS: 'Listening Moment'-Do this on two occasions. Remind your child to be quiet and to have ears and eyes ready. Share a book about farm animals or look at website photographs of farm animals with grown up help. Can your child make the animals' sounds, e.g. 'moo' for a cow, and 'hee- haw' for a donkey. Does your child know the names for the baby animals: cow (calf), horse (foal), goose(gosling), duck(ducking), hen (chick), sheep (lamb) and pig (piglet)?

MATHS: Make towers with toy bricks or similar. Can your child point to the tallest tower, the shortest tower? How many in each tower? How many blocks altogether? Who is the tallest person in the house? Who is the shortest? How do you know?

LEARNING CHALLENGE: 'Which is our favourite colour'? Ask everyone in your house to name their favourite colour. Perhaps 'phone or message friends and family with grown up help. Using a piece of card, support your child to write their name on it. Next, decorate the card with favourite colours, e.g. pom-poms, feathers and felt tip. Singing: Old MacDonald and Wheels On The Bus. Try singing them in different ways, squeaky voice, loud, quiet, gruff voice and so on. P.E. Can your child hop on each foot? Try using a sand timer and count how many hops in a set time. Can your child kick a large soft ball against a wall?