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Welcome to Well Green Primary School

'Pupils know that leaders and all staff have high expectations of them. Pupils are
highly motivated to meet these expectations. Their behaviour is impeccable. They
listen attentively to instructions and focus on the task in hand. Pupils would not
contemplate disrupting anybody else's learning. They are too busy learning together
and supporting each other.' Ofsted November 21


The staff of Well Green Primary School extend a very warm welcome to all new children coming to our school and hope that the time they spend here will be happy and rewarding. We also wish a warm welcome to you, as parents and carers, for you are the most important people to your children and we hope that you will become involved in the life and work of the school. Your support and cooperation are vital if we are to create a warm and purposeful learning environment for your child.


We hope that you will find our website informative and helpful. Whether you are a prospective parent, somebody who might be interested in working at our school, or already part of our school community, we hope that there is something here for you.

We are confident that you will see that Well Green Primary is a vibrant, dynamic, thriving and happy place. We are proud of our children, our staff and the provision we offer.


Going to school for the first time is a very big step in a child’s life and we want this to be a positive and rewarding experience. It isn’t possible to convey every aspect of our school on the website therefore, we warmly welcome visits to the school to see our children in the classrooms and meet our staff, please contact Mrs Jo Owen or Mrs Rebecca Cresswell in the school office.


Mrs Kate Markham (Headteacher)

Aims and Ethos at Well Green

We aim to provide an intellectually challenging learning experience from which all pupils can benefit. This school is devoted to raising children’s expectations and aspirations. Our principal objective is for each pupil to develop a deep interest in, and love for, learning. Pupils will be taught to apply this learning to the everyday world around them. While focusing on high standards of attainment, we are fully committed to the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum.


We want pupils to become self-motivated, independent learners with a wide range of study skills that will prove useful to them throughout their lives. Whilst engaged in this process we also want them to have fun: to enjoy their childhood and time with us at school.


We seek to make a real difference to children’s lives by providing them with the skills they will require to be successful, both now, as children, and in the future. The curriculum we offer is designed to prepare them for life and work in the twenty-first century.


We are committed to children leaving this school having achieved high standards in the core skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. In addition, we wish to inspire them by offering an exciting, broad, dynamic and varied curriculum experiences.


Underpinning our Educational Intent is the recognition that our children are learning in a school where they feel happy, confident, safe and valued. We are passionate about enabling our children to develop outstanding personal attributes, contributing to respectful, tolerant and well-behaved life-long learners.


Well Green Primary School is a community of learners where everyone can be successful and strive to continually improve on their personal best.



The school aims to:

  • treat all children fairly, care for them and ensure their safety
  • ensure that all children are well taught so they achieve the best possible academic results
  • help all children to develop a sense of personal responsibility and an awareness of the importance of being considerate and caring towards others
  • provide an education that meets the individual needs of all children within the school community
  • keep parents regularly informed about their child’s progress and about all aspects of school life
  • be welcoming at all times and offer parents the opportunity to become involved in the daily life of the school
  • promote physical fitness and an awareness of the importance of personal hygiene, exercise and diet
  • develop in each child an understanding, appreciation and respect for different religions, beliefs and moral values. Through the development of tolerance and mutual understanding we seek to prepare children for living in a multi-cultural society.
  • to have clear progression of curriculum coverage and content through the school to provide children with a wealth of age appropriate skills and experiences
  • embed themed weeks and days within the school wider curriculum to enhance learning
  • to offer the widest possible range of enrichment activities and experiences, including after school clubs and educational visits.
  • to achieve high standards in all subjects and have excellent progress throughout the school
  • provide children with a broad and varied educational experience which incorporates the National Curriculum and Trafford syllabus for Religious Education; and look for opportunities to instill within children personal qualities that underpin our school curriculum, “Learning, Caring Growing Together’.




Primary Curriculum Statement



The curriculum is the totality of pupils’ learning experiences.

At Well Green Primary School we believe that our curriculum should be broad, balanced and relevant and meet the needs of all children whatever their ability. The taught curriculum is comprised of The National Curriculum and meets statutory requirements, in addition to a range of other experinces and skills which enrich and enhance the pupils’ learning.



We ensure the children have a range of learning experiences that challenge, stimulate and promote thinking and learning through our broad and relevant curriculum which is based on first-hand experiences and observations. This encompasses all foundation subjects and enables us to provide a high standard of teaching and learning, with an overarching enquiry approach using range of teaching styles and cooperative learning. At Well Green our bespoke curriculum ensures we plan a diverse and engaging range of lessons and experiences for children. Our curriculum is constantly being updated and reviewed to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our children. We make full use of the local community and environment but also reach out in to the wider world to nurture global thinkers; global citizens of the future.



Children leave Well Green having made excellent progress and attainment having acquired a wealth of skills, knowledge and understanding. Their personal attributes are outstanding, contributing to respectful, tolerant and well-behaved life-long learners.


The curriculum maps provide an overview of the learning and lessons planned for each year group. In addition, parents/carers will receive detailed information half termly from class teachers in the section 'letter to parents'. They will also upload these onto class pages on the website.


Minister of Schools Letter


1st February 2024


Dear Parents/Carers,


Below is a letter I received yesterday from the Minister for schools, Damian Hinds. I writing to us he thanks Well Green Staff for all their hard work allowing our children to achieve so well in their Key Stage 2 assessments 2023. The attainment of these pupils places Well Green in the top 1% of primary schools in the country.


We are delighted to have the hard work and commitment of every single member of staff recognised by the Department of Education our small primary school, this is a fantastic achievement.


Thank you to you too, for the support you provide to school and your child; working together always achieves more!


Yours sincerely


Mrs K Markham