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PHONICS- 'Lost Teddy' While your child has their eyes closed, hide a teddy in the room you are sitting in. Your child now has to 'rescue' the teddy! Tell your child you are going to guide her/ him by singing. Choosing a favourite song or rhyme, sing louder as the rescuer (your child) gets closer to the teddy, or sing quietly as the rescuer moves further away from the teddy.


MATHS- Do all shapes roll? Investigate the contents of a kitchen cupboard. Does a cereal box roll? A tin of soup? Can your child think of any reasons for this?

What can your child build using a construction set, or items from the kitchen cupboard? Can you begin to name a 'cylinder' and  a 'cuboid'?


OTHER LEARNING- Share, 'We're Going On A Bear Huntby Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury (see You Tube). Encourage your child to join in the repeated phrases. Can you work out fun actions to accompany the poem? Go on your own hunt around the house or garden. Try to make up your own words. Perhaps you are hunting for the missing teddy again. Join in the Cosmic Yoga Kids episode which is based on the text. What is the action for 'wavy grass'?