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20th-24th April

  20th-24th  April

Well Year 5, it's now quite along time since we were all in school and life continues to be very strange indeed! I hope that you are all happy and healthy and managing to do the home learning tasks I have been setting. 

This week there is some Geography work about South America, Science work  about how we can stay healthy and then the normal Maths and English tasks.  If you can print off some of the sheets, that is fine but I know it is not always possible for everyone to do this. So instead, just do the work in your exercise books. The main thing is that you try your best to do what you can.

Remember also to check the general activities section and go through the French revision sent by Nathalie. Also, look at the PE and Science links to activities on line and of course, send me a picture of your homework project, if possible via email. I've got my raffle tickets ready!!!wink

My address is 

Don't forget TTRockstars and My-Maths too. With regard to My Maths, you can try out all the Year 5 lessons whenever you want and go to the homework practice section too. 

If you have done any work that you'd like me to show, such as your book reviews about Narnia, please send them to me and I'll put them in the gallery. 


                                           Take care and best wishes yessmiley


                                                         Mrs Armstrong




The BBC Bite-size home learning website is now up and running with lots of lessons for you to choose from. Make sure you have a look at what there is including Art and French lessons.  Go to:      



There are great revision lessons in Maths which cover everything we've done in this year. In particular, Place Value, Percentages, Fractions and Decimals. The section on Shape is connected with the work I have set you this week. 



The science lessons also cover our Autumn and Spring topics: Space, Forces, Changing Materials and Micro-organisms. So, have a look at these when you have time and see what you can remember.