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Computing- Unit 5.5 Game Creator

This term's unit is to create your own game using the 2DIY3D tool.

This week, we will look at some existing games and be writing a review of one of the examples shown.

Task 1:

  • Go on Purple Mash Homepage
  • Click on Computing
  • Click on 2DIY3D
  • Scroll down to the row of Showcase Games: these are games made by children from other schools  
  • Play these games and decide which one you think is the best
  • Go to your 2Dos and fill in the Computer Game Review task
  • Send your review to me once you have filled it in

Task 2:

  • Go on 2Do- 2DIY3D
  • Click on My Simple Game
  • Watch the video, Making a Game, (top left- small green triangle on film icon)
  • Build a simple game as shown in the video- remember to save it!