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Parents/carers: What can I do to help my child with SEND at home?

Parents/Carers: How can I help my child at home?


We often get asked how you can help your child at home.  Here are some general top tips.


  1. Share your knowledge of your child with us.  What do they like?  How have you seen that they learn the best?  How do you think we can get the best out of them?  And please always send your comments back with Personal Provision Maps (target sheets)
  2. Talk to your child – it might sound simple but having an open dialogue with your child about their strengths and how we can all support them is crucial.
  3. Read with your child as much as you can (every day if possible).  This includes you reading to them as well as them reading to you.  Talk about what you have read.  It’s important to continue this all the way through until the end of Year 6 (and beyond). 
  4. Help your child get organised.  Some children with SEND struggle with organisation.  This may mean that although they might be at an age where you would expect them to be able to remember and organise reading books, PE kits etc but you may need to help them with this.  You could make them checklists, give them verbal reminders or use pictures to help them remember.
  5. Help your child with their homework.  Lots of parents find chunking homework is best. If you do homework in short bursts it means that your child will be able to sustain attention for that period of time and then do something nice at home.  Spellings and timetables can be made into games and challenges and can be added to the day whilst you are driving/walking to school etc. 
  6. If your child works well within a set routine, it may be worth making a visual timetable for home.  You can then warn them of any changes and special days in advance to they are prepared.
  7. Talk to the SENDCO.  Whether it’s by email or face to face, the more information we have about your child, the better!
  8. Keep records of any appointments you have with other professionals including medical professionals.  Having this information to hand and having it to share with the SENDCO and your child’s teacher is always useful.
  9. Ensure your child is getting enough sleep.  Good sleep hygiene is really important to aid concentration in school.  If your child struggles with sleep, share this with school and visit your GP.  Trafford also offer support for children with significant sleep issues.
  10. Have fun with your child and teach your child how to relax too.  The well being of your family is important too.  For more information on well being please see link below.