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Welcome to our Nursery!

Our Nursery Teacher is Mrs. Parsons (Monday to Friday), and our Teaching Assistants are: Mrs. Felton (Monday and Tuesday), Miss. Crabtree (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), and Mrs. Khan (Friday lunch time).

We look forward to working with you and your child.  


School closure: Please find suggested activities below and on the school's HOMEWORK section. The nursery children have a core scheme of work with weekly suggestions to complement.

Kind regards, Mrs. Parsons 

Summer 1

This half term our ‘Learning Challenge’ Big Question is: What Bugs Do I See Outside?


The children will be exploring different outside areas to discover if all bugs like to live in the same environment. We will also be following the children's interests regarding our Big Question.


We hope you enjoy the weekly 'Nursery News' which keeps you updated about all the lovely activities happening in nursery, together with suggestions to continue this learning at home. You will receive your copy every Friday at the end of your child's session.


You can help your child this half term by:

  • sharing the list of suggestions which accompanies your child’s personal copy of the group reading text
  • sending in their book bag every day and selecting a free reader from outside the nursery’s front door
  • encouraging your child to add their mark in their reading diary
  • discussing the pictures in their reading scheme book (during their 'focus' week). Further ideas are listed in the covers of these books.
  • leaving a pair of wellington boots (labelled with your child's name) in nursery
  • sending in a change of clothes bag with two sets of: vests, tops, leggings,skirts or dresses, socks or tights, pants and slip on pumps
  • encouraging your child to fasten up their own coat
  • continue with toilet training and nose wiping (we have a ‘snuffle station’ in the classroom)


We look forward to continuing to work with you. Letters and website entries will provide details about our exciting class and Early Years activities and events.


Letters to Parents and Carers



School Closure: Additional activities can be found on school's 'Homework' section

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