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8th-12th June

6th June  Summer 2   Week 1


Hello Year 5,

I hope you have all had an enjoyable two weeks. How are your projects coming along? I am looking forward to seeing them so please send me a picture. I’ve made a new folder for Summer 2 and really need everyone to stay in contact: send a message, some work or pictures of what you have been doing. It’s such a shame that you are all still at home as the rainforest topic is a really interesting one to do in class and links so nicely with the animal part of our Science work. This week, I have been in school teaching key workers’ children and they have been completing some animal projects. They each did a habitat in an old shoe box and then made the animal out of clay. They looked really effective and realistic and the box allows the habitat to appear 3-Dimensional.

The picture below is of my cat, Scruff! He likes to lie around and today he chose my laptop. He’s a very nice cat, really calm and chilled. He’s thoroughly enjoyed the lock-down because there has been hardly any traffic on the roads, and definitely more birds around for him to chase! The other day, he appeared to be sunbathing in the middle of the road. Scruff is 12 now and getting quite old and has started snoring very loudly. His sister Amy was run over when they were 3 and since then he’s been on his own. If I walk up the road, he often follows me and almost acts like a dog! I don’t think he’d like to wear a leach though. Let me know about your pet, the rest of the class will be interested to hear. Remember, you have to keep in contact so sending a little message to your classmates is great way to do it.

I hope you are all managing to do the work I have been setting for Year 5. Let me know how you are by emailing me: , I really enjoy hearing from you no matter how short the message is. Have a look in the Summer 2 gallery at Izzy's tadpoles, which have now turned into froglets. Our Science topic is all about animal life cycles and seeing how these animals develop, from frog spawn to frogs, is amazing.

So, take care everyone and stay safe,


My cat Scruff.