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It was great to see you yesterday-children your grown ups are fantastic! Sitting still for a Zoom session is not easy but you made me a yellow colour monstersmiley Grown ups, if your child needs to 'exercise' during the session, I understand! Seeing their friends and some participation will be beneficial. Your support is much appreciated.

Brief revision of yesterday's work including: Rhymes, repeated book phrases, 2D shapes, book characters and being a 'Good Listener'

Phonics: We will be playing a sound identification game. Please repeat this at home, hiding 'noisy' objects behind your back (or hidden in a box) and singing the following song to your child.

Tune: Old MacDonald

Words: Mrs. Parsons (grown up's name) has a box  ee i ee i o, and in that box (s)he has a ... Stop. Gesture and ask your child to listen. Choose an item and make a sound. Can s/ he identify the object ? Continue the song, With a zzz zzz here and a zzz zzz there... Here a zzz there a zzz everywhere a zzz zzz. Mrs. Parsons has a box ee i ee i o. 

Maths: Demonstrate how we raise our fingers to match a number we say. Talk about their age and match with fingers. Use everyday activities as opportunities to model saying numbers to five, for example the number of spoons needed at dinner time. Repeat the song, One, Two, Three, Four , Five, Once I Caught A Fish Alive

Other Learning: Mindful Moments: Candle, flower and star breathing as shown on Zoom.

Patterns (action-noise-action-noise) Now for something completely different! Go outside and make patterns which involve a big action then a loud noise for example: stomp, stomp with heavy feet, then whack, whack with a stick on the ground. Repeat.

If it's too wet outside, try this inside but making quieter and smaller actions and sounds. Have fun!

Reminder for Friday's work: Please find your Nursery Remote Learning Pack (clear zipped wallet plus some commercial or homemade play dough, if possible. Any concerns, please email me.