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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 smiley

Your teacher is Mrs. Simon and your teaching

assistant is Mrs. Grice.

Autumn 1


In English we will be reading ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl.  This together with our ‘Romans’ History topic will inspire our writing activities. We will also explore character descriptions and information texts. We will cover a range of grammar work including verb tenses, powerful verbs, adverbs, spelling strategies, alphabetical order and suffixes. 

Our targets will be:

To write neatly and space letters appropriately and increase the legibility, consistency and quality of handwriting. 

To write a set of instructions. 

To use commas in lists. 

To use conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time and cause.

To apply spelling patterns taught to written work.


In Maths this term we will be consolidating knowledge and understanding of reading, writing and partitioning numbers. We will work on understanding the place value of each digit in a number. We will further our skills in rounding numbers and in Roman Numerals. We will also work on mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction and use these in problem solving activities. Times tables will be a regular fixture of our maths work, as all children need to be fluent with their tables by the end of Year 4.

Our targets will be to:

Read, write and partition numbers beyond 1000

Add and subtract mentally and using formal methods

Double and halve 2 digit numbers

Round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000

Read and write Roman Numerals

Recognise and extend number sequences

Understand negative numbers and count back past zero


Our Science topic is ‘Animals including Humans’. We will learn to describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans. We will identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions. The children will interpret and construct  a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.


‘We are software developers’ is our Computing topic for this half term. The children will investigate different educational games and then create their own game using ‘Scratch’.


In History, our topic is ‘The Romans and their impact on Britain’. We will learn about when the Romans invaded and how Britain became part of the Roman Empire. We will explore daily life, Roman armies, Roman emperors, architecture and entertainment.


Our focus in Art this half term will be ‘collage’. This will involve looking at the work of Picasso and creating our own Cubist style collages.


For our outdoor PE lessons we will be focusing on invasion games, in particular, netball. The children will develop ball skills as well as tactics when playing in a team. In Gymnastics with Ms George our topic is ‘Arching and Bridges’. The children will explore balances, formation and sequences.


In Music with Mrs Cooper, the children will be looking at various rhythmic patterns. They will also be preparing songs for the Harvest festival celebration.


Working with Mrs Oldham for RE, the children will be exploring the question, ‘Why do some people think that life is a journey?’ They will be look at what happens in ceremonies of commitment in different religions.


Our PSHE topic this half term is ‘New Beginnings’. We will explore the importance of rules, making others feel welcome and valued, strategies for dealing with new situations and managing feelings.


In French, with Mrs Oldham, we will be learning about the topics of ‘Travel’ and ‘Weather’. The children will develop their vocabulary and speaking skills as well as written work.


General Information


Homework, usually Maths, English and any spelling and multiplication tables will be given out on a Friday to be handed in by the following Wednesday. Please read with your child regularly and record this in their reading record as it is part of their weekly homework. Times tables and spelling test take place every Friday.


P.E. lessons will be Wednesdays (indoor) and Fridays (outdoor). An outdoor kit is needed for the Friday lessons. Please ensure that your child has something suitable for all weathers. Children who have earrings are asked to remove them and leave them at home on P.E. days or remove them and keep them safe themselves at school. If ears have been pierced recently the children are responsible covering their own earrings with tape.


Please can you also ensure your child has the correct equipment required for school. Your child will need a blue fibre tip pen with spares, pencil, sharpener, ruler and eraser. They also require a named water bottle.


 If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to come and see me.


Thank you for your support and co-operation.

 Mrs Simon