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Autumn 1- week 1

Week 1 Day 2

As well as English and Maths, we had an Art lesson on self portraits. We used a mirror to look at our faces. We mixed our skin tone and compared it o the colour of skin on our arms. We only have the three primary colurs and black and white in Nursery so your child has to learn how to mix all other secondary, tertiary, tints and tones themselves. We realised people have different skin colours. We used anti clock wise movement (pre writing skill) to paint our face shape. We used a fine paint brush to add detail. We mixed eye colour and made a ‘tint’ by adding white.


We had our first music lesson. We learnt how to play a chime bar with a beater. We learnt 'stop' and 'go' signs for playing music. 


We learnt the sign in Makaton for ‘good sitting’.



Day 2

Communication and Language development. Imaginative role play (EAD).

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Day 1

English- reading and oracy- we focused on two texts today. ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson and a traditional tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. The Gruffalo lends itself to using the skill of inference ‘Why did the different animals run away?’ ‘ Why did the mouse laugh?’  It also lends itself to discussing noises that animals make (phonological awareness).

Little Red Riding Hood is a traditional tale. It is important children know different traditional tales, as they are referenced in our cultures. Today, it led to discussing whether the cakes in her basket were healthy things to eat. We decided it was okay as long as they weren’t eaten every day. 


English- pre writing- we built up arm, hand, core and finger strength with dough, digging, pouring, carrying, climbing, bar swinging and bike riding.


Maths- learning numbers from 5 to 0. Focus on ‘one’:-

Finger gnosis of ‘one’.

Cardinality of ‘one’.


Science- phases of the moon. Although the moon may look different- a crescent, a half circle or a full circle, it is the same moon.


Art- how to use a palette and look after brushes. 


P.E-running on our all weather track anti-clockwise without bumping into another child (co-ordination and spatial awareness).



Phonological awareness

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