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Recap: Book vocabulary- 'setting' and 'characters'; rhymes; subitising

Phonics: We will be thinking about words which rhyme. Before the session, please remind your child of, 'Hickory, Dickory Dock, The mouse ran up the clock, The clock struck one, The mouse ran down, Hickory Dickory Dock'. During Zoom we will be singing new words to the melody and discussing rhyming words.

Continue saying rhymes throughout the day. Try to make it a multi-sensory experience, adding extra movements such as: clapping, tapping head, shoulders or knees, marching or jumping.

Try: Polly Put The Kettle On and Horsie, Horsie Don't You Stop

Today's story is: Oi! Frog! This has many rhymes words. Can your child remember what rhymes with: frog (log); cats (mats); hares (chairs); mules (stools); gophers (sofas); lions (irons); parrots (carrots)?

Maths: Continue to count aloud, showing matching fingers. We will be counting things which cannot be touched, such as pennies in a tin. Try this at home, perhaps counting items out of reach such as pegged up socks. Continue to talk about Penguin One and Ticklish Two, see pictures below.

Other Learning: Music and Movement- please bring something to make a sound- to shake or tap, plus your Remote Learning ribbon/ scarf to wave. Please create a 'safe space' as your child may wish to make large movements to the music.