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Hola and a very Happy Eid to all our Year 1 Muslims.   

I am sure that you are enjoying a feast today. I want to hear all about it and maybe learn some new recipes. I can't believe another week has gone by. I won't recognise you when I see you because you will have grown so much. I hope that you have managed to complete the work set for you. I have had pictures from some of the children but not all, Make sure that you are being as active as you can. I have been walking a lot and I have been cycling. I had to rescue lots of froglets today in Chorlton Water Park. This is how small they were. They were so so tiny and so cute. They were trying to hop over the path, Lots of cyclists and runners were trampling over them. They didn't mean to. They just didn't see them. But there were hundreds of them. I maybe saved 200. I mean, I could have stayed there all day, but my dog wanted her swim so there you go. It reminded me of one of our reading books called Toads in the Road. Maybe you remember. Anyway, I am missing your stories and your questions(which I have to sometimes Google). Keep busy and keep giving your brains lots of things to work out. Have a good time during your Whit Holidays. Send me any photos you have. I went to a place two years ago during this holiday. Maybe you could do some research to find out where I was. 

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Love from

Mrs Al-Hassani smiley heartyes

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Picture 1 This is the tiny froglet