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Daisy has been busy over lock-down improving her computing skills and has created this PowerPoint presentation; it is all about an imaginary world she has created in her home. I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I was. 

By Daisy

Rayyan has been growing some plants.

Jess is in trouble!!

In the stocks

Resmie's edible Owl

An owl made from an apple!

Archie's been picking delicious fruit


Zaynab's Ramadan flowers

Zaynab's art, baking and keeping fit

Evie has been baking some delicious looking cakes. The orange one is called ginger crunch and the white ones are Albert Squares. Evie is half New Zealander because her mum comes from there, which is why she loves these cakes. When we're all back in school, maybe she'll bake us all some!

New Zealand cakes baked by Evie.

Suriname By Zara

Isaac's jungle writing

Artwork by Zaynab

Henry's tadpoles have sprung legs overnight!

17th June
17th June

Zaynab's Peruvian project and 5 Pillars of Islam work

Henry's tadpoles

VE Day Scones and diary from Evie.

Jess M's artwork

Mountain landscape with perspective
rocket to the moon, sunset and other art

Konrad is keeping busy!

Jess R's been busy again!

Izyaan's Eid cards

From Izzy

Izzy's tadpoles are really growing and changing. They're starting to resemble frogs!

Arms and legs
Releasing in to the wild
15th May   Back legs only
31st May They're now froglets.