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Bilal has been cooking an Asian breakfast!

Hanna has produced some beautiful art work again!

Josh has done so much work!

Ruben's persuasive writing

Rayan's review with a link to his poem!

Abu-Bakr's Project on climate!

Ruqayyah's work

Hanna's art work

Ruben has done so much work on adaptation!

Ashleigh has been back to the River Bollin!

Mae's lovely art work and baking!

Hanna's amazing art work!

Luke's Maths and English

Josh has been trying really hard with his science work!

Deen has done daily Maths, English and weekly Science work! Great work!

Ashleigh has covered the entire curriculum!

Luke's birthday visit!

Still image for this video

Luke's lockdown birthday

Anna's geography, maths, spellings and science

Ruben's mapping work

Aiden's been baking!

Aiden baking.jpg
Aiden doing his exercise!.jpg
Aiden's circuit work.jpg
Aiden's PE lessons!.jpg

Archie has been busy...

School work
Making crystals
Dog walking

Josh's Geography

Zak has sent some fossils for our science work this week!

A pair of cut and polished ammonites.jpg
Trilobite, dominating the sea 542 million years ago!.jpg

Luke is keeping himself busy!

Circuits in science
Spelling revision
Y6 spellings
The dog is getting LOTS of walks!

Ruqayyah made a pizza and a cake!

Ruqayyah's RE

Gerard made an apple crumble!

Daniel's geography and bird watching!

flood poster.jpg
parakeets 1.jpg
parakeets 2.jpg

Mae has been busy baking...

Mae's baking.jpg

Rayan's work

Decorations for Ramadan
Decorating his house!
Making his own waffles

Deen's Maths!

Katie's gardening and cookery

Reeses Pieces Chocolate chip cookies
Katie's gardening.jpg
Katie's vegetable patch coming along.jpg

Luke has been busy...

Mohamed's Cookery

Tomato pasta
Traditional Syrian biscuits

Connie's Work

Delicious baking
Book Cover
Amazing animal art work
River flooding
RE poem

Anna's Work

RE Poem
Awe and Wonder bird watching
Book Cover
Rock painting

Ruqayyah's Art and DT

Ruqayyah's chocolate baking!.
Ruqayyah's art 2
Ruqayyah's art 3
Ruqayyah's art
Ruqayyah's sketches

Zak's baking skills

Mrs Burnham's Awe and Wonder (I spent ages trying to capture this coal tit flying into my new bird box!)

Daniel's Awe and Wonder

Josh has been busy...

Ruqayyah's Awe and Wonder