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Phonics: Making voice sounds- Talk about the sounds that the following make: a train (chuff, chuff), a bee (buzz, buzz), a cow (moo, moo), a snake (hissssss, hissss), a ball (boing, boing) and a car (beep, beep). Try to add three more voice sounds. Use a quiet and a loud voice.


Maths: Count without objects to five. Repeat with fingers. Find some familiar items to sort, such as buttons or same size Lego pieces. How can you sort them? Can you count how many of each type? Can you make a pattern with them, for example, red-yellow-red-yellow?


Other Learning: In a safe space, make balance positions. How long can you hold the position for? Challenge yourself to balance on both your left and right leg. 

Using a variety of mark making materials, 'take a line for a walk' from one edge of the paper to the other. Can you create straight, curves and zig zag lines?