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13th-17th April

                                                   Week 2 (13th -17th April)


Hello Year 5,

How are you all doing? I hope you are all staying safe and healthy as well as making good use of your time away from school. As you can see below, I have set out your English and Maths work for the above week. If you have any questions about this, remember, you can send me an email. 


Have a look in the general activities star section as Nathalie has sent some  French revision lessons for you do and there is also a link to a PE website which gives you suggestions about keeping fit whilst at home. 


Don't forget to read your books every day for at least 30 minutes. This is very, very important!


In order to STAY SAFE, make sure that you show your parents what you are doing whenever you go online. Never give out your name, address or other personal details about you or your family, including photos. ALWAYS ASK YOUR GROWNUPS AT HOME IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT SOMETHING. 


Please email a photo of your  South American country project when it is finished and I will upload to the Homework Gallery for your friends to see it. You can send me photos of other things that you've been doing at home too and I'll upload these to the general star section. These might include drawings and paintings or other fun activities you have been doing. 


That's all for now. 

Take care

Mrs Armstrong


Maths  instructions

1. Before completing the three tasks I have set you to do, go onto:

  mymaths / U.wellgreen / PW circle272  / Year 5 Geometry  measuring Angles  Angles 3 & 4.

  Go through the lessons and tasks. In fact, there is no problem with you going onto the Year 3 and 4 angle tasks as a revision.

 2. Once you have done this, then complete the Tasks 1,2 & 3 which are like our normal class work.

These come with a power-point so make sure that you go through the power-point first before completing the worksheets. Remember to complete each D, E and GD levels!!  

 3. Scofield & Sims!!!!!  One page per week please. Put the date at the top of the page. I'll be checking when school reopenssmiley

 4. Make sure you keep going on TTRock Stars too.