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Complete the mini-assessment on decimals.

For an extension task, there are some reasoning and problem solving questions to try.


Do the wordsearch to find each of your spelling words then use each of these homophones/near homophones in a sentence to show their meaning. 


Design and create a poster to explain to others in school what digital wellbeing is and how they can stay healthy when spending time online and using other digital technology.


Try the Daily Mile at home challenges for this week. If you can get someone to take a picture of you doing one of the challenges, then email them to me and we can add them to our gallery.


- Read chapters 12, 13 and 14 in Black Beauty from Oxford Owl.

- Complete the 2 Maths tasks on 'My Maths'

- Learn the 10 homophone spellings below for a test next week (you will need to make sure you know which spelling to use when)