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After School Activities AUTUMN 2019

Eco Warriors 2019/ 2020


Please note the following dates for all our meetings this academic year. All meetings are held in the nursery building at 3.15 pm. The children will need to be collected at 3.45 pm prompt from the school's main entrance porch. Each child will be dismissed individually. If your child is allowed to walk home by themselves, the school will have to receive written confirmation of this from their parent/ carer. It is essential that staff are informed if your child cannot attend a meeting. Thank you for your support in this matter.

Eco Warrior Visit to ASDA Saturday 6th July 2019


Please read attached letter regarding this exciting event. Saturday's experience continues work begun on Thursday 4th July at school.

Any questions, please speak to Mrs. Parsons

Summer 2 Eco Warrior Meetings


Thursday 4th July 2019. This meeting will be slightly longer 3.15 pm- 4 pm. We will be having a special visitor to discuss plastic waste.

Our final Eco meeting for the year will be on Saturday 6th July at ASDA Broadheath- written details will be sent home with your child.

Thank you for all your kind support, W. Parsons

Eco Lead



Eco Warrior Update

The children have been writing to our milk supplier regarding packaging concerns and a posssible increase in litter.

The Warriors completed a litter collection and survey and reported results to the Head Teacher then the school during an assembly.

The Warriors have further plans to tackle litter and hope to include the whole school. Watch this space!

Litter Collection and Analysis 2019

Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 1
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 2
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 3
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 4
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 5
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 6
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 7
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 8
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 9
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 10
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 11
Litter Collection and Analysis 2019 12

Eco Warriors- Summer Term Meeting Dates

3.15pm to 3.45pm


Thursday 25th April 2019

Thursday 9th May 2019


Please inform the school’s office is you cannot attend the meetings in the nursery building.


Eco Warriors 2018/ 2019

Following class elections, the school now has ten new Eco Warriors. We have had our first meeting and the next meeting dates are as follows:

Autumn Two

Thursday 8th November

Thursday 15th November

Thursday 29th November

The office must be informed if your child cannot attend.

These dates are also displayed on the school's main corridor. 

Please collect your child form the school's porch area at 3.45pm.


Staff are looking forward to lots of exciting sustainable activities with the new Eco Warriors.

Warriors - March 2018. You will be soon be receiving some notes regarding our current work. Please read and jot down any ideas. Drop off your written comments to Mrs. Parsons in the nursery building (Thursday/ Friday) or ask your teacher to pop them into the workroom for me.


Eco Warrior Meetings Summer One


Thursday 26th April 2018

Thursday 17th May 2018


Time: 3:15 to 3:45pm in the Nursery building.




Update regarding Whole School Competition 

Thank You..... to all the families who entered our hugely successful Awe, Wonder and Wellbeing competition. We have two beautiful display areas in the school relating to this work.

Please enjoy the following photographs relating to this work.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Whole School Competition (Nursery-Year 6)

Key Dates:  Competition ends FRIDAY 8TH DECEMBER 2017

                     Prizes will be judged by Mrs. Markham and Miss. Shaw. Prizes will be handed out by                       Mrs. Markham week beginning Monday 11th  December  (1 prize per class)


Entry Details: Ask your child to create their own masterpiece to reflect something that has brought them awe. Tap into their talents using drawing, photography, painting, sculpture or collage.


Masterpiece Size: This work will be displayed in the school's hall. Recommended size approximately A5 to A4 size for 2D entries. 3D work to be displayed on units in the hall and/or corridor units.


Helpful Pointers: 'Awe' can give you goose bumps, make you feel calm or have a sense of wonder and well being. Choose from: nature, urban (skyscrapers, bridges), indoor (aquariums, cathedrals etc), science, audio (poetry, heroes/ heroines). Younger children: rainbows, fireworks, shells, butterflies, holiday destinations. These are only a few suggestions. Please use your own ideas too.


Remember the deadlines and hand in your work to your teacher. Lots of luck, The Eco Warriors and Mrs. Parsons



Whole School Workshops Autumn One Term 2017


A big thank you to all the workshop providers who visited Well Green week beginning Monday 2nd October. Every class from Reception to Year Six participated in activities relating to sustainability. Staff and children have thoroughly enjoyed these worthwhile sessions. Workshop providers were: Lucinda Hodges from Phoenix Spirit, Emma Houghton from Bollin Valley and David Rome with his many resources to extract honey from a honeycomb. Fabulous!

Sharston Recycling Trip with the 2016-2017 Eco Warriors. 

Following this excellent trip (please see photographs), the Warriors are helping the school to evaluate and improve our waste and recycling behaviour. The Warriors are leading a school assembly based on their trip.

Sharston Recycling Centre

Sharston Recycling Centre 1
Sharston Recycling Centre 2
Sharston Recycling Centre 3
Sharston Recycling Centre 4
Sharston Recycling Centre 5
Sharston Recycling Centre 6
Sharston Recycling Centre 7
Sharston Recycling Centre 8
Sharston Recycling Centre 9
Sharston Recycling Centre 10
Sharston Recycling Centre 11
Sharston Recycling Centre 12
Sharston Recycling Centre 13
Sharston Recycling Centre 14
Sharston Recycling Centre 15
Sharston Recycling Centre 16
Sharston Recycling Centre 17
Sharston Recycling Centre 18
Sharston Recycling Centre 19
Sharston Recycling Centre 20
Sharston Recycling Centre 21
Sharston Recycling Centre 22
Sharston Recycling Centre 23
Sharston Recycling Centre 24
Sharston Recycling Centre 25
Sharston Recycling Centre 26
Sharston Recycling Centre 27
Sharston Recycling Centre 28
Sharston Recycling Centre 29
Sharston Recycling Centre 30
Sharston Recycling Centre 31
Sharston Recycling Centre 32
Sharston Recycling Centre 33
Sharston Recycling Centre 34
Sharston Recycling Centre 35
Sharston Recycling Centre 36
Sharston Recycling Centre 37
Sharston Recycling Centre 38
Sharston Recycling Centre 39
Sharston Recycling Centre 40
Sharston Recycling Centre 41
Sharston Recycling Centre 42
Sharston Recycling Centre 43
Sharston Recycling Centre 44
Sharston Recycling Centre 45
Sharston Recycling Centre 46
Sharston Recycling Centre 47
Sharston Recycling Centre 48
Sharston Recycling Centre 49
Sharston Recycling Centre 50
Sharston Recycling Centre 51
Sharston Recycling Centre 52
Sharston Recycling Centre 53
Sharston Recycling Centre 54

Well Green Primary School's Sustainability Curriculum Map

Would you like to make a book sculpture?

After enjoying a book, why not turn it into something beautiful? A book sculpture is a relaxing activity and lots of fun to make.

Some of Well Green's Eco Warriors have created a video to help you understand how to make a hedgehog book sculpture. Perhaps you could create leaves for your hog out of newspaper or other recycled paper.



Hedgehog book sculpture

Still image for this video

Eco meetings

The Warriors are busy preparing a new display for the main corridor, a whole school assembly and some book sculptures for around the school.

Below are some of the photographs we took at the last meeting (12/1/16) to encourage the school to behave in a sustainable way. These pictures reinforce our school's Eco Motto: 'Many little things done by many little people change the big, wide world.' 

Do your bit!

Do your bit!  1 Bin that rubbish! No litter around our school!
Do your bit!  2 Save water
Do your bit!  3 Save electricity
Do your bit!  4 Put waste paper in the recycling bin
Do your bit!  5 Get healthy and walk
Do your bit!  6 Keep the air clean. Leave the car behind!
Picture 1 Eco notice-board, view 1
Picture 2 Eco notice-board, view 2
Picture 3 Willow weaving
Picture 4 Christmas tree made with recycled items
Picture 5 Eco Warriors weigh paper/card
Picture 6 Our Eco motto and Code
Picture 7 'Cherry Decking' outdoor teaching area
Picture 8 Fruit trees won by Eco Warriors
Picture 9 Our popular willow tunnel-child height!
Picture 10 Nature area with willow fence
Picture 11 Undercover outdoor teaching area
Picture 12 Nursery's fruit / veg.waste goes in the wormery
Picture 13 Eco Warriors won money for playground bins!
Picture 14 Eco Warriors weigh litter from the new bins
Picture 15 Benches with growing containers

Vision Statement

Education in sustainability enables pupils to develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and values to participate in decisions about the way we do things individually and collectively, both locally and globally, that will improve the quality of life now without damaging the planet for the future.