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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six!

Your Teacher is Mrs Bell and Mrs Emery is our Teaching Assistant.


Autumn 1


In English we will be reading biographies and autobiographies, with a class focus on ‘The Boy’ by Dahl. We will write biographies about Queen Victoria linked to our work in History. We will also be writing scientific texts linked to our work on adaptation. We will be looking at various aspects of punctuation and grammar, including parts of speech.


In Maths, we will be focusing on number composition and place value. We will be looking at the structure of numbers up to and beyond 10 million. Children will be ordering and comparing large numbers. We will focus on negative and positive numbers and calculations and problem solving involving these. We will revise the written calculation methods.


In History, we will be learning about the British Empire under Queen Victoria. We will look at the technological changes in this period and how it affected everyday lives. We will study the queen herself, in addition to the famous inventors or ‘superstars’ of the era.

We will be conducting historical enquiry to find out about the lives of people in Manchester in factories and using census data from Hale Barns to find out about people in the local area.

In Science, we will be learning about plants and animals in biology. We will learn about how to classify animals and plants and use branching and sorting keys. We will build on our understanding of adaptation when looking at plants and animals such as the polar bear and begin work based on Darwin's theory and how adaptations have led to evolution.

This half term we will be focusing on coding using 2code on Purple Mash. We will learn how to create programs with an action that repeats, use If statements to allow selection and understand what a variable is.


In Art, we will look at the invention of photography and the use of portraits for the Royal Family. We will recreate our own Victorian portraits and silhouettes, influenced by Victorian artists. We will create pencil sketches of Victorian Manchester using a range of shades and tones in their work.


In R.E. we will be exploring the question- Is it better to express your religion through arts and buildings or in charitable actions? We will describe and make connections between examples of religious art and buildings. We will also show understanding or the value of art and sacred buildings and suggest reasons why some believers see generosity and charity as more important than buildings and art.


Things to Remember:

Every day in school, you will need a water bottle and a pencil case with a pen, pencil, pencil crayons, ruler, rubber and sharpener inside.

P.E. in Year Six is on Mondays (hockey) and Fridays (Games- lacrosse), you must ensure you have your kit on these days please. However, the weather may start to be unpredictable and you should ensure your kit is suitable for the conditions.

Homework will always be handed out on Fridays and should be returned by the following
Wednesday. Each week you will have spellings to learn for a test on Friday, plus Mental Arithmetic tests and English tasks to help you consolidate things we have been learning in class. We will be completing weekly Mental Arithmetic tests in class every Thursday.


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