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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six!

Your Teacher is Mrs Bell and Mrs Emery is our Teaching Assistant.



Autumn 2


In English we’ll look at journalistic writing and narrative linked with our science and history work. Grammar and punctuation: types of sentences, relative clauses, word classes, semi-colons and colons, parenthetic commas, active and passive verbs. Spelling: silent letters, roots and patterns. We will be writing newspaper articles about working conditions for children in the Victorian Era. We will be reading Street Child and will create verb poems and write about Jim’s experience in the workhouse.


In Maths, we will be focusing on fractions. This will include being able to simplify fractions, compare and order fractions and place fractions on a number line. We will perform the four operations for fractions calculations and calculate fractions of amounts. We will also learn about and practice translations and reflections.


In History this half term, we will be continuing our topic work on the Victorians, with our focus being on the lives of children during the era. We will be studying holidays, school-life, working conditions in the mines and mills, comparing lives of the rich and poor, and celebrating a Victorian Christmas. We are also going to hold a Victorian day in school. The children will undertake research projects about the toys children played with and the pastimes compared to nowadays.

In Science, we will be working on a topic about the human body, considering the circulation and respiration systems. We will link this with our work on fitness and exercise and how this can help the human body. We will be naming the organs and understanding their functions, especially parts of the heart and lungs.

In Computing lessons, we will be focusing on using spreadsheets this half term. We will be using 2Calculate on Purple Mash to learn about entering data and simple formulae into spreadsheets. We will learn how to use a spreadsheet to model a real-life situation, explore probability and create graphs.


In DT, we will create and design our own stockings, using fabric for a Victorian Christmas tradition. The children will learn about blanket stitch, running stitch and how to join fabrics and attach decorations. They will develop applique skills using fabric for traditional adornments. 


In R.E. we will be exploring the question- ‘What do religions say to us when life gets hard?’

A study of different faiths and their messages and guidance for followers in times of trouble. What happens at the end of our lives? What do different religions believe about what happens after death?


Things to Remember:

Every day in school, you will need a water bottle and a pencil case with a pen, pencil, pencil crayons, ruler, rubber and sharpener inside.

P.E. in Year Six is on Mondays (hockey) and Fridays (Games- lacrosse), you must ensure you have your kit on these days please. However, the weather may start to be unpredictable and you should ensure your kit is suitable for the conditions.

Homework will always be handed out on Fridays and should be returned by the following
Wednesday. Each week you will have spellings to learn for a test on Friday, plus Mental Arithmetic tests and English tasks to help you consolidate things we have been learning in class. We will be completing weekly Mental Arithmetic tests in class every Thursday.