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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six!

Your Teacher is Mrs Bell and Mrs Emery is our Teaching Assistant.



Spring 2


In English, we will be covering the following texts:  Discussion, Poetry- haikus, Narrative writing and reports. World Book Day: Kensuke’s Kingdom with linked writing and topic work to create a ship’s log, newspaper report and suspense story.

Grammar: SPAG rules, complex sentences, investigating conditional and modal. Past participle and progressive and perfect tenses, types of pronouns.

Spelling: using rules and exceptions, suffixes and prefixes, root words. Key revision of words on Y5/6 curriculum list.


In Maths, we will complete our measures work, calculating the area and perimeter of shapes, including triangles and parallelograms. This will also involve working out volumes of cuboids. We will look at statistics and how to interpret and draw line graphs and pie charts. We will also learn about algebra- solving problems with unknown variables and building formulae. Finally we will be learning about ratio, including calculating ratio and solving ratio and proportion problems.


For our geography work this half term, we will complete our work on rivers, learning about pollution in rivers and the impact of this. This half term we will also be using the book, Kensuke’s Kingdom, to cover some mapping skills. We will be using maps to find 8 point compass directions, 6 figure grid references, plotting time zones on world maps and plotting a course to sail around the world.

In Science, we will be finding out about electricity. We will build on work covered lower down school to construct circuits in parallel and series and test the brightness of bulbs and make buzzers and switches operate. We will use correct scientific symbols to record circuits. The children will carry out practical investigations in addition to developing their understanding of electrical safety and sustainable energy sources.

In Computing lessons this half-term, we will be focusing on ‘Online Safety’ and ‘Networks’. We will develop our understanding of what a digital footprint is and think about appropriate online behaviour. We will also think about balancing screen time with other parts of our lives. In our ‘Networks’ topic, we will learn the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet and find out what a LAN and WAN are.


In DT, the children will develop their use of science and electrical circuits to design and make an electrical item such as a wire hoop game. They will consider the types of materials and the finished product design for being user friendly and economical. The children will focus on their circuit and switch combination to use series and parallel aspects of design.


In R.E. the children will explore the question: what difference does it make to believe in Ahimsa (harmlessness), Grace (the generosity of God) and Ummah (community)? They will make connections between beliefs and behaviour in different religions for Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. The children will learn about Easter traditions and religious celebration for Christians and how they celebrate this major festival.


Things to Remember:

Every day in school, you will need a water bottle and a pencil case with a pen, pencil, pencil crayons, ruler, rubber and sharpener inside.

P.E. in Year Six is on Mondays and Fridays, you must ensure you have your kit on these days please. However, the weather may start to be unpredictable and you should ensure your kit is suitable for the conditions.

Homework will always be handed out on Fridays and should be returned by the following
Wednesday. Each week you will have spellings to learn for a test on Friday, plus Mental Arithmetic tests and English tasks to help you consolidate things we have been learning in class. We will be completing weekly Mental Arithmetic tests in class every Thursday.