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Survey Of The Week

What is our favourite fruit?

Children try different types of fruit and compare and discuss. Use a tally chart. Introduce the mathematical vocabulary 'table.'


Recap phonemes learnt so far. Introduce the phoneme 'u.'

Practise writing it correctly. Practise its letter name and its phoneme sound.

Practise cvc and cvcc words with the phoneme 'u.'

Practise a sentence with class teacher with tricky word and 'u' phoneme.

'We had fun.'

Other Learning

Recap where continents of Africa and Australia are on a globe or map. Discuss difference between map and globe. 

Find Asia. Introduce non-fiction National Geographic book for children of 'Tigers.'

Check if children can identify whether the book is about true/ factual things or story about pretend things.

Clarify possible unknown vocabulary.


EAD and PD

Look at drawing of tiger's head.

Look at shapes that make up the drawing. Clarify if 2D or 3D. How do you know? Clarify vocabulary semi-circle, triangle, symmetrical and vertical. 

Draw picture step by step with teacher.

Final vocab check.