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Awe and Wonder- Whole School Competition

Whole School Competition (Nursery-Year 6)

Key Dates:  Competition ends FRIDAY 8TH DECEMBER 2017

                     Prizes will be judged by Mrs. Markham and Miss. Shaw. Prizes will be handed out by                       Mrs. Markham week beginning Monday 11th  December  (1 prize per class)


Entry Details: Ask your child to create their own masterpiece to reflect something that has brought them awe. Tap into their talents using drawing, photography, painting, sculpture or collage.


Masterpiece Size: This work will be displayed in the school's hall. Recommended size approximately A5 to A4 size for 2D entries. 3D work to be displayed on units in the hall and/or corridor units.


Helpful Pointers: 'Awe' can give you goose bumps, make you feel calm or have a sense of wonder and well being. Choose from: nature, urban (skyscrapers, bridges), indoor (aquariums, cathedrals etc), science, audio (poetry, heroes/ heroines). Younger children: rainbows, fireworks, shells, butterflies, holiday destinations. These are only a few suggestions. Please use your own ideas too.


Remember the deadlines and hand in your work to your teacher. Lots of luck, The Eco Warriors and Mrs. Parsons