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Week Commencing 13th April

Dear Year 6, 


I hope you are all staying safe and well and being super helpful around the house with all your extra free time!

I'm so pleased we have good weather again so we can all spend some time outside in the fresh air, which is so important for healthy minds and bodies.


Please remember how very important it is to think about staying safe online when using the internet. We talk about this so much in school, but now more than ever, when you are probably using the internet far more than usual, you should remember everything we have discussed in school. Please only use websites you've been recommended to access and alert a grown-up if there is anything you are uncomfortable or worried about.


Please email me if there is anything you need help or support with, or to show me your efforts with all your home learning. I would be really interested to see how you are all getting along! My email is


I would like you to continue with your daily fitness! 


Keeping Active!

There are so many resources out there for you to keep fit and active which is so important for keeping our bodies and minds healthy whilst we don’t have our usual access to sports and clubs.


Mrs Simon is very keen for you to keep busy and has asked that you access the following link:

It is for Trafford children to engage in a range of fun activities from the safety of your homes.


P.E. with Joe seems very popular- try it out:

They do a P.E. lesson every day at 9a.m. to have a healthy start to the day.


Remember, you can also access Super Movers



Please have a look on the White Rose page for the home learning based on ratio and proportion to recap and revise what you have already learnt in school with Mrs Oldham, this is such a tricky concept some extra practise would be really beneficial. The ratio work is in week 1.


I have added some more tasks onto our MyMaths pages for you to complete. There are some questions as consolidation for classwork we completed a few weeks ago. There is also a mixed Y6 set of questions, based on all the things we have learnt. 

I have been logging into MyMaths regularly and I can all but a couple of you have completed all the tasks on there so well, which is fantastic Y6! Please email me if you can't access your account and I can send across your details or try to help out so you can keep up with everyone else in completing the work.




Instead of the writing activities we would be doing in school, I would like you to complete and publish your own adventure/ suspense story based on being in isolation or lock-down. Some of you may have started this last week, but there is still time this week to complete this. Try to be creative and think about possible scenarios that could happen in your own home to excite the reader! I have read some brilliant examples online with a 'Borrowers' style theme or a Toy Story style narrative, where the toys have secret lives you can discover. 

Try to draft your writing and improve it like we would in school. A really good way for you to do this would be to use a computer if you have one for editing. 

If you are using a computer, I thought we could set a 500 word limit, a bit like the BBC competition. 

Please email me your stories once they are complete and we could share some of the most creative ones on our website to read each others! If you prefer to handwrite it, you could email me a photo of your finished piece.

Remember some basics:


Y6 punctuation

Ambitious vocabulary choices

Varied sentence types and structures 

An interesting or creative plot


You also have some more questions to complete in your online account. I would like to strongly encourage you to read every day, for around 30 minutes. This can be a range of books and genres of your choice. I have included a Y6 comprehension for you to do as an additional task to keep your skills fresh.



You might have already started some work in Geography about North America next term, which is a fascinating topic. Last week, you were asked to chose a country or state in North America (make sure you find out the difference) to compile a research project. I suggested that you should try to find out about the climate, landscape, famous landmarks, cuisine, culture and any famous residents or other facts you discover.

Please continue with your project and aim to complete it over the coming week. This can be completed in the books you were given last week, or on paper if you have supplies without going out! 

Again, as we are not sure when we are likely to be back in school, please email me photos of your projects, I would love to see where you have been researching! 


This week, I have uploaded some mapping activities for you to complete for North America to name and locate the countries.



In case you are missing our weekly French lessons, I have included some activities for you to complete which are a revision of topics we have already covered in class. They are based on telling the time in French and come with revision video links to help remind you of the pronunciation and vocabulary.




I am really looking forward to hearing from you!


I hope some of you managed to put rainbows in your windows!

Mrs Burnham :)