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Week 2

Examples of maths homework this week.

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We started with small amounts with one number difference.


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We moved onto larger numbers with a difference of 2. We used real objects that were the same colour, shape and size. This makes it easier for children to process. Next we will progress onto pictures of objects that are all the same, then onto different real objects, then pictures of different objects. This means your child is being challenged with more and more complex cognitive processing.


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Your child is asked to use reasoning to explain their answer.


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We looked at ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ in maths this week


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Children may randomly get the question correct; so it is important to swap the question about and check and re- check.


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Then ask your chid to qualify their answer: ask how do they know? It is tricky for children at this age to qualify their maths reasoning verbally. It is a difficult skill to learn. Don’t worry if your child is not yet able to do this. It will develop in time.


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Several children used their observation skills and collected snails in our outside classroom.
They also found 2 baby centipedes, millipedes, slugs and many worms.


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Blowing bubbles helps regulate breathing and calms children. Laughing produces serotonin, which helps regulate emotions.


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Our days of the week song.

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This teaches pitch match, the days of the week in the correct sequence and rhyme. It also teaches children that there are 7 days in a week and how to show 7 using fingergnosis.