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Complete the work on 'finding the whole'. Complete one page of Varied fluency (VF) questions and one page of reasoning/problem solving (RPS) questions at a level of your choosing.


LO: to improve aspects of my poem and write a published version

During the Zoom session, we will share verses from the draft version of our river poems and ideas for improvements. I will ask you to make improvements in a different coloured pen or pencil during the session.

After the session, you need to write a published version of your poem that includes any improvements. Decorate your poem and think about how to present it to appeal to the reader. You could do this into your English book or on a plain piece of paper if you would prefer and then stick it in. You could even type it up and add pictures.

I would like this work emailing to me please so that I can give you all some feedback. Either take a photograph and email it to me or attach your typed up version to the email.


There are 2 parts to the Geography work for this afternoon.


Part 1- LC: How does a river travel from source to sea?

You need to print the 'Labelling a river' sheet below before the Zoom session as we will discuss and complete this during the session.

Cut out and stick the labelled diagram into your book then complete the short comprehension task about the journey of a river. If you have time, you could colour in your diagram.


Part 2- LC: How does water arrive in our rivers?

Stick in the diagram from the sheet or draw your own version of the water cycle.

Write your own explanation of how the water cycle works, making sure you include all of the key vocabulary from the sheet and ensure you explain what these words mean in your explanation. You could write it as one paragraph or write it as a flow diagram.