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Week Commencing 4th January

Dear Year 3


What a strange week for us all! I was so pleased to see you again on Monday following the Christmas holidays and now we have to move to remote learning. I know it won't be the same as us all being in school together, but we will be coming together everyday for our zoom lessons so at least we can still see each other.


Each day we will meet for three zoom sessions which will be:


Maths - we will start this session with Early work, go through some of the work from the previous afternoon and then complete our daily maths.


English - we will begin this session with some feedback from the maths lesson, then move on to complete our daily English.


Topic - we will start this session with some feedback from the English lesson, then move on to our afternoon topic lessons.


After each session you will then have some time to complete your independent work and have a short break before the next session. After the Maths and English sessions I might ask some of you to stay on zoom with me for a while longer so that I can help you a little more with your work.



- try your very best with each piece of work

- present your work neatly (don't rush)

- check your spellings and punctuation carefully

- check that your work makes sense fully


I will be asking you to hand some pieces of work in, I will explain which pieces these are as we go along.


I look forward to seeing you all on zoom starting tomorrow!

Miss Shaw laugh