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Hello everyone, please find an outline for today's work and home links below.

Recap: Number rhymes and rote counting; beginning to think about alliteration; left to right

Phonics: We are sharing a story book containing animal sounds. Talk to your child about animals they may find on a farm. Does your child know the names of these animals' babies: chicken (chick); cow (calf); horse (foal); sheep (lamb); pig (piglet); goose (gosling); duck (duckling)? Can you think of any more farm animals? Can you name their babies? Practise clucking, mooing, neighing, baaing, oinking, honking and quacking. Try to make the noises in different ways; happily, slowly, timidly, bossily.

Maths: For the Zoom session-please have a small soft toy and a shoe box (or similar). The soft toy needs to be about the same size or smaller than the box. Just avoid a gigantic teddy!

I will be modelling POSITIONAL language. Firstly, your child needs to understand this vocabulary, then your child needs to be able to use it correctly. Positional language includes: 'under', 'behind' and 'next to'. Challenge time: with a choice of chairs, can your child stand, "Behind the chair which is next to the window".

Other Learning: Bring your dough to the Dough Disco! Repeat the language modelled during free play at home following the Zoom session. Please see additional creative activity below.