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week beginning 22.2.21

Maths -

this week we will be completing the pages on word problems and the Review 11. Then we will be starting work on Multiplication. 

Monday - Worksheet 6 page 33 and 34 and the Mind Workout.

Tuesday - Review 11 pages 35 and 36

Wednesday - Worksheet 1 pages 37 and 38

Thursday - Worksheet 2 pages 39-41

Friday - worksheet 3 pages 42 and 43



This week we will be continuing to learn about the alternative pronunciations for sets of different letters. The Schofield and Sims shows these if you want to dip into different pages to back up their learning during the week. We will continue to revise sets of phonemes already learnt and we will read and practise tricky and high frequency words. We will be reading non-fiction from the Oxford Owl website. The book is called On the Wing. I will be supplementing this with my own slightly more challenging text too. We will be thinking about using a contents, using a glossary, captions, labels and diagrams. We will be answering on text and we will be building up knowledge of the natural world.


Usually in Book Week we use modroc to make insects, but obviously this is not possible so we will be using materials to make mini-beasts. Maybe when you are out shopping you could collect some things to support this. 


The first two weeks will be about the seasons and about looking for signs of spring. Then we will be learning about forces - pushes and pulls.


This half term the history topic is significant people. We would be learning about Emmeline Pankhurst