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Early work - SPAG mat (3 levels to choose from, answers included)


Maths - MNP Worksheet 11

           - Finish any challenge sheets started this week


English - Write the second paragraph of your character description and edit you work carefully.

 Why not add an illustration? (I will mark this piece of work when we return to school next week.)


PSHE - Write and draw about what you're looking forward to next week.



Reading - enjoy reading a book somewhere different like in the garden, in a den etc. (photographs would be great).

Maths - Complete the Money activity on MyMaths.

Over the weekend get all your work together ready to take to school on Monday.


'Wellbeing Weekend' remember to rest and relax over the weekend smiley

Try to get plenty of sleep ready to go back to school on Monday.


You have been amazing and have done so well with your learning this term.

I'm very proud of you yes Well done and thank you for working so hard.

Don't worry if you're feeling a little nervous about going back to school, we'll all help each other to settle back in to our routine.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday, I've missed you heart

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Shaw x