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week beginning 1.2.21

Dear Year 1's 

Thank-you for all your hard work last week. I really appreciate the good behaviour, the good concentration and the lovely manners of waiting with your hand up. It makes it good for everyone. So thank-you. yes

For English this week we are going to be reading a text off the Oxford Owl called Dear Mum.

We usually read a class text at this time of year called Dear Teacher so this fits in nicely.

Please could I ask Mums and Dads if they can complete the Revision Phase 3 on page 4 in the Schofield and Sims Book 1. Just point to the phoneme and if they say it correctly then tick it. If you then could email it to me it will give me an idea of ones to do more work on. 


On Monday you will be completing sentences with the different ou sounds. 

On Tuesday you will be using adjectives to describe nouns.

On Wednesday you will be completing a comprehension.

On Thursday you will be thinking of questions and writing them with the correct punctuation.

On Friday you will be writing some imaginative messages to Mum in the story.


On Monday you will be learning about counting in tens and ones. You will complete worksheet 3 -  pages 7-10.

On Tuesday you will using place value to compare two or three numbers. You will complete worksheet 4 - pages 11-14.

On Wednesday you will be comparing numbers using number bonds. You will complete worksheet 5 - pages 15-16.

On Thursday you will observe and use number patterns. You will complete worksheet 6 -page 17

On Friday the children will be completing the Review pages 19-22.


For ICT you will be completing Challenges 5 and 6 of the algorithms unit.


You will need different material like paints, maybe oil pastels, tin foil, cotton wool or any other materials you have which you can use to make a picture of a cold place.


You will be testing to see whether we need light to be able to see. So you will be using one place in your house but changing the amount of light. I anticipate that this will not take the hour, so I have put an extra investigation to test objects and their shadows.


You can continue with the personal challenge. Look at some ideas on the information sheet. Work on them and fill in the record sheet.


You will be learning about how people live in a cold place. What they eat and how the place where they live gives them a different way of life. They do lots of different activities to us.