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The big question- What happens in winter?

We learnt that some animals hibernate and some animals cache food in winter. We found out that there are less insects around, so the birds that don’t migrate, need our help. We made our own bird cake and feeders and hung them up in the school grounds.


We looked at our breath outside in the cold air and at what happens to trees. We discovered that some trees stay ‘evergreen.’


We left water outside overnight and observed that it froze and became ice, which then melted from the warmth of our hands.


We looked at the reason for Armistice Day and the winter festivals of Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas. 


We we took part in Well-Being week, and learnt how yoga, music and dance can make us feel happy.


We took part in a singalong winter extravaganza.


We looked at the colour of the sky and practised mixing different shades of grey on palettes.

We practised our scissor skills by making snowflakes to hang in our Book Nook.