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Welcome to our Nursery!


Our nursery teachers are:

Mrs Richmond (Mon, Tues, Wed) and Mrs Parsons (Thurs, Fri)

Our Teaching Assistants are: Miss Crabtree, Ms Lee and Ms George


Summer 2


This half term our new 'Learning Challenge' will be:

"How do I get about?"


You can best help your child this half term by:

  • sharing favourite bedtime books each night. Ask questions such as 'Where does the story take place?' 'Which characters are in the story?' and 'What do you think might happen next?'
  • talking about journeys you take, and different modes of transport you see when you are out and about
  • continuing to share nursery rhymes, for example, The Wheels on the Bus
  • looking up transport in information books when visiting the library, and when using a computer
  • regular writing, drawing and painting. Encourage your child to use the 'tripod' grip during mark making activities
  • talking about being safe in the sun. Why is it important to wear sun cream? Or wear a hat?
  • counting aloud as you are playing, ensuring they say the number names in the correct order


Thank you for your support.


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