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Keeping busy

Alisha baking
Alisha's banana loaf - delicious!
Annabel practising her netball skills
Ayah and Nisa enjoying a bike ride
Ayaan's been busy!
Fawzaan distributing fruit during Ramadan
Jacob practising taekwondo
Jacob shows us some moves!
Luca's been exploring and found some metal objects
Jasmine enjoying some daily exercise
Annabel is growing crystals!
Alish making dough for naan bread
Matlida's homemade bow and arrow - great!
Thomas with his homegrown vegetables - super!
Fawzaan's reading marathon
Sophie practising the violin
Zayn enjoying a walk in the sun
Fawzaan's rainbow
Fawzaan getting crerating
Jacob's been feeding the birds
Annabel practising her tennis skills
Zayn's super artwork
Zayn's been practising his drawing - well done
Thomas keeping fit
Alisha making gift bags for a charity event
Alisha's henna patterns - beautiful
chef Zayn
Zayn's cooked a tasy meal for his family
Zayn's meal - delicious!
Zayn's treat to break his first fast - yummy!
Hollie's delicious birthday cake!
Sara enjoying a bike ride
Amelia working hard
Sumayyah enjoying a bike ride
Josh has been very busy baking - delicious!
Annabel cooling off in the River Bollin!
Hammad being helpful
Chinmayi enjoying some relaxation time
Adam watering the plants
Adam planting some healthy vegetables!
Aisha enjoying a bike ride
Aisha concentrating on her artwork
Aisha being creative
Aisha's lovely finished artwork
Hammad's beautiful artwork
Jacob's baking - tasty!
Jacob enjoying a bike ride.
Alisha fruit picking
Alisha's strawberries - delicious!
Alisha's own strawberry plant
Lucy built a marble run! Click on this link to watch the video.