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Today, you have some practice at calculating fractions of a quantity. Do the maze first (the more challenging one on the right) and then the 'would you rather' sheet. Remember - divide by the denominator and then multiply by the numerator.



To help ensure you have learnt you statutory spellings, use the list to identify any that you are still not sure of and then use the template to create your own wordsearch. Maybe you can then give it to a family member to see how quickly they can find the words! The rest of the class will be doing a test on a random selection of 25 of these words on Thursday.



This week we are learning about how the Egyptians mummified the dead. First, watch this Horrible Histories video

Then, read the powerpoint attached, which gives some more details. 

Your task is to write a set of instructions to tell someone how to mummify a body. Yuk! 

Don't forget to use bullet points or numbers for your instructions.